There are many alternatives in our product range.In our Each reference is formulated according to the specific needs of the dog to which it is intended. The first factor to analyze is the age of the subject: obviously, the feeding of a puppy under 12 months, at its maximum development, requires a different food from an old dog.

Another discriminating factor is the size of the dog: a small dog, under 13kg in weight, clearly needs a croquette of different size and formulation from a molossoid of 40 kg.

There are also products specifically designed for dogs with special needs: for example, energy products for dogs that perform heavy physical activity, or the light products for dogs with weight control needs.

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All our products are prepared by considering the needs of the animal during each stage of its life: a puppy has nutritional needs radically different from those of an adult dog, or even older. For this reason, our products are perfectly adapted to the specific nutritional needs of the subjects for which they are intended, and it is always preferable to choose the most suitable reference.

The daily indicative dosage is available online and on the packaging. It is developed with a certain elasticity since it is necessary to adapt it within the right range according to age, state of health, physical activity and ambient temperature. Unless otherwise stated, it is recommended to keep the animal within the recommended weight range in the dosage. Unless otherwise specified, we advise you to keep the animal within the weight range in the dosage.

The puppies deserve a special mention, so we refer you to the specific FAQ.

No. Biscuits are usually not "complete" foods and can lead to an increase in weight or incorrect balance of nutrients: they are more appetizing for their composition or for the use of artificial flavour, but do not constitute a meal. The wet food likewise meets the taste of the dog, deceiving him with various and very strong flavour: however, it is nutritionally lacking, and does not bring the fundamentals.

All our products are complete and designed for long years by the pioneers in the field of animal nutrition. Feeding your animals on a home-based diet could lead to a shortage or surplus of certain essential nutrients and would not guarantee a constant quality standard over time, which is necessary for an exclusive diet. Finally, choosing an industrial diet, when correct and well balanced, involves a considerable saving of time and money.

Castration/sterilization causes a variation in the nutritional needs of the subject and his metabolism: it is therefore quite normal that the animal gets fat. The right solution is not to reduce the dose of food, but to switch to specific foods, making sure that it does not reach a weight that is harmful to its health without depriving it of the nutrients necessary for maintaining a correct physical shape.

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Discover our product Cat St for sterilized cats.

Meat is an essential ingredient in our animal food: unless the contrary is advisable in specific cases, it is always the first component by quantity. We use only meat of national origin, with animals born and bred in Italy, safe in the health’s aspect and coming from the food industry for humans. The variety of meat is indicated in the ingredients of each product. We also analyze all the batches of raw material arriving in our laboratory of analysis to verify them.

The dog is the mammal that, from its birth to the completion of its development, increases more its size and its weight. For this reason, nutrition is essential at this delicate time in order not to compromise the correct development of the subject. Also, in the puppy, the size of the stomach is very small. This means that the puppy needs to eat little but often, several times both during the day and at night. The only way to guarantee to the puppy a complete and graded feeding on its real needs is therefore the administration “at will” : the nature itself, through the innate sense of hunger, will push the puppy to eat what is necessary. A scientific calculation on how much to administer to the dog should consider countless factors such as: the ambient temperature, the amount of motion, the basal metabolism of the individual subject, etc.… The administration “at will” instead solves all these problems relying on the natural sense of satiety of the dog. In order to achieve this, however, it is essential that the food does not contain artificial or appetizing flavors that lead the puppy to eat more than necessary. It is precisely for this reason that ALL NUTRIX PIU products are completely natural, free of all kinds of appetizing and artificial flavors.

As all high-level athletes know, the biological system of man is like the engine of a car: so, it is also for the dog. Proteins are the mechanical basis that makes up the engine, while carbohydrates are the gasoline that allows the engine to run. Just as in an engine with use you consume gasoline, what is most consumed during physical work in the dog are the CARBOHYDRATES. They are in fact the carbohydrates that must not be missing during an effort, be it of short duration or prolonged, in order not to risk going to ruin the "engine". Precisely for this reason in an energy product the element that must be predominant in percentage must be carbohydrates and not proteins. These ones, indeed, weigh down the digestive process going to burden the liver and other organs, by risking to heavily compromise both the performance in the short term and health in the long term. It is however very important that the proteins present are carefully calibrated, not only in quantity, but especially in quality : more noble proteins allow to be absorbed with a lower load for the digestive system while maintaining in excellent health the "engine" of our friend.

The product contained in our bags has a higher quality value than almost all the famous super-premium on the market.

Our prices, instead, are so low for precise company choices:

  • We do not spend too much money on advertising or sponsorship
  • The high volume of our production allows us to cut costs
  • Over the years we have chosen the least expensive distribution method, cutting unnecessary steps and wastage.
  • Our retailers are satisfied with a fair price increase
  • We do not pay exhibition spaces and other "fees" as some structures require
  • We do not base our pricing policy on competition choices

These and other elements have allowed us over the years to contain prices and provide a product at the top of the market.

Monoproteic products do not exist. A monoproteic product, by definition, should contain only one protein.

It is quite clear that this is impossible because every single food is composed of multiple types of proteins. Even cereals, which are present in almost all feed for dogs and cats, have a protein content


So, when you are wrongly hearing of monoproteic foods, they are actually referring to foods made from a single source of meat (chicken, beef or other). But we do not share this philosophy because the dog, a carnivore historically used to get the food through hunting, needs all the different resources from different types of meat. The choice of preferring only one source of meat is often justified by allergic reasons or intolerance : the problem is that usually the intolerances are caused by the preservatives used for the maintenance of the product and not by the meat contained in it. For this reason, NUTRIX PIU, since its origins in 1954, has always produced its food without the use of preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes, real poisons for the delicate digestive system of the dog.

It has always been a precise choice of Nutrix Plus not to provide "samples" of product. The classic samples of 200/300 grams have no usefulness: the only possible feedback is whether the dog eats the product or not. The dog cannot like even the product with the most refined aroma for a multitude of causes. In particular, in the case of our products, because these are totally natural and free of artificial aromas, it can also happen that the dog at first taste does not like the product because of the palate spoiled by the previous diet

In addition, a quantity of 200/300 grams, therefore sufficient for a single meal, does not give any feedback on the real quality and nutritional goodness of the product : to see in fact some results related to nutrition are necessary at least 5 or 6 days of continuous and exclusive administration. For this reason, and because our products have more than affordable price, we always recommend you to buy a whole package of product (even the 2 kg of our small packages are more than enough) and to see the results personally after a few days.

We have 2 products for our cat friends. Like all our other products, even those intended for cats are completely natural, free of preservatives, artificial dyes and flavors. The first component, and the only protein source, is fish: we use only whole herring, and in the products for cats there is a 48% of it.

We also have a product designed for sterilized/castrated cats: naturally rich in taurine and acidifying agents, prevents the formation of stones and contributes to the maintenance of the shape weight.

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Orders received by 12:00 on weekdays are usually prepared and shipped the same day.
Orders received after this time or on public holidays are sent on the first following working day.
Deliveries of small quantities (on average less than 60 kg of product) are sent by express courier (Bartolini or GLS), and are normally delivered the day after shipment to the peninsula and in two days to the islands.
Voluminous orders are shipped by ordinary couriers, with average delivery between 4 and 6 working days.

The cost of the shipment varies according to the destination and the amount of the same.
The general expense for shipments on the majority of the national soil is 8€ for amounts up to 49€, while for purchases with amounts above 50€ the shipment is free.
The cost for shipping in Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia is 12€ for amounts up to 49€, while for purchases with amounts above 50€ shipping is free.
The smaller islands and disadvantaged areas (such as the lagoon area of Venice) have a contribution for fixed shipping costs of 22€, which does not vary according to the amount of the purchase.
The municipalities of Campione d'Italia and Livigno, as they are subject to customs transit, have a fixed shipping cost of 50€ for any amount of the order, which includes shipping and customs duties.
In theCart"Cart" section , it is still possible to know in advance the amount of shipping costs by entering the province and the postal code of destination.

Try the Folder or the "Spam" or "Junk Mail" tab of your mailbox: if it is the first time you make purchases on NutrixPiùsome providers may label the confirmation mail as spam.
If you do not find the email even in the junk mail, do not place the order again, but write to and we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the correct receipt and payment of the order.

Yes, NutrixPiù uses an SSL encryption system that ensures the confidentiality of information transmitted through the Internet.
All transactions take place through the PayPal circuit, to which you will be redirected at the time of purchase, without the need for further registration

Write us an email to indicating:

- order number
- code article
- date of receipt of the order
- the reasons for the refund

NutrixPiù reserves the right to refuse refunds if communicated, sent or dispatched after the 14 days indicated or if the products are not intact.

Yes, if the order has not yet been shipped. It is not possible to modify an order already shipped

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return one or more products purchased no later than 14 days from the delivery date.
It is not necessary to return an entire order, but also only a part of it.
The shipping costs of the return, for each order placed, are charged to the buyer: if you want to return more items of the same order, it is preferable to return them in a single shipment.

To make a return, first write an email to indicating:

- reference number order
- code article
- date of receipt of the order
- reasons for the restitution

Once the Nutrix Più staff has verified that the return causes are in compliance with the conditions of sale, you will receive by email instructions to contact the courier, with which you will agree on the date and place of collection, which must take place no later than 14 days from the date of
return authorization.
You will have to pack the product you intend to return using the same packaging with which it was delivered to you.
You will then be sent by mail the label of the courier: it is a PDF, which you will have to print on a sheet and apply it on the package, superimposing it on the one already present with the delivery instructions.
NUTRIXPIÙ reserves the right to refuse refunds if communicated, sent or dispatched after the days indicated or if the products are not intact.
Items returned with damage will be rejected and sent back to the customer, who will be charged the normal shipping costs.
If the item cannot be replaced, normal refund procedures will be initiated.
After our staff has received the return and checked the integrity of the products, the refund procedure will be carried out, and you will be informed by email.
The conclusion of this procedure will take place within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the return, through the re-crediting of the sum, equal to the value of the goods and shipping costs on your credit card.

You will be informed by email of the arrival of the package at our warehouse and of the beginning of the exchange or refund procedures. All this will take place after a check of the integrity of the returned products and the compliance of the return to our conditions of sale.

fter our staff has received the return and checked the integrity of the products, the refund procedure will be carried out, the beginning of which you will be informed by email. The conclusion of this procedure will take place within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the return, through the re-crediting of the sum equal to the value of the goods and shipping costs on your credit card.

Through the "Tracking Code" that you will find by viewing your order in the Order List, following the procedures indicated on the courier website. We also remind you that your order is immediately visible in the "Orders" section, accessible within the reserved area by the item "My account". Here you can see the history of past orders and the status of your shipments. Lista Ordini, seguendo le procedure indicate sul sito del corriere. Ti ricordiamo inoltre che il tuo ordine è immediatamente visibile nella sezione “Ordini”, accessibile all’interno dell’area riservata dalla voce “Il mio account”. Qui puoi vedere lo storico degli ordini passati e lo stato delle tue spedizioni.

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