The dog is the mammal that, from its birth to the completion of its development, increases more its size and its weight. For this reason, nutrition is essential at this delicate time in order not to compromise the correct development of the subject. Also, in the puppy, the size of the stomach is very small. This means that the puppy needs to eat little but often, several times both during the day and at night. The only way to guarantee to the puppy a complete and graded feeding on its real needs is therefore the administration “at will” : the nature itself, through the innate sense of hunger, will push the puppy to eat what is necessary. A scientific calculation on how much to administer to the dog should consider countless factors such as: the ambient temperature, the amount of motion, the basal metabolism of the individual subject, etc.… The administration “at will” instead solves all these problems relying on the natural sense of satiety of the dog. In order to achieve this, however, it is essential that the food does not contain artificial or appetizing flavors that lead the puppy to eat more than necessary. It is precisely for this reason that ALL NUTRIX PIU products are completely natural, free of all kinds of appetizing and artificial flavors.


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