Monoproteic products do not exist. A monoproteic product, by definition, should contain only one protein.

It is quite clear that this is impossible because every single food is composed of multiple types of proteins. Even cereals, which are present in almost all feed for dogs and cats, have a protein content


So, when you are wrongly hearing of monoproteic foods, they are actually referring to foods made from a single source of meat (chicken, beef or other). But we do not share this philosophy because the dog, a carnivore historically used to get the food through hunting, needs all the different resources from different types of meat. The choice of preferring only one source of meat is often justified by allergic reasons or intolerance : the problem is that usually the intolerances are caused by the preservatives used for the maintenance of the product and not by the meat contained in it. For this reason, NUTRIX PIU, since its origins in 1954, has always produced its food without the use of preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes, real poisons for the delicate digestive system of the dog.


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