As all high-level athletes know, the biological system of man is like the engine of a car: so, it is also for the dog. Proteins are the mechanical basis that makes up the engine, while carbohydrates are the gasoline that allows the engine to run. Just as in an engine with use you consume gasoline, what is most consumed during physical work in the dog are the CARBOHYDRATES. They are in fact the carbohydrates that must not be missing during an effort, be it of short duration or prolonged, in order not to risk going to ruin the "engine". Precisely for this reason in an energy product the element that must be predominant in percentage must be carbohydrates and not proteins. These ones, indeed, weigh down the digestive process going to burden the liver and other organs, by risking to heavily compromise both the performance in the short term and health in the long term. It is however very important that the proteins present are carefully calibrated, not only in quantity, but especially in quality : more noble proteins allow to be absorbed with a lower load for the digestive system while maintaining in excellent health the "engine" of our friend.


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